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To be a forum of active exchange on matters relating to insurance. To promote, support and protect common interests of member companies carrying on the business of insurance in Pakistan and to endeavor to increase insurance awareness and penetration in the country.
3 Years Plan of Activities

 Executive Committee 2018 – 2019

Mr. Mahmood Lotia (Chairman)
Mr. Ihtsham Ul Haq Qureshi (Senior Vice Chairman)
Mr. Naim Anwar (Vice Chairman)
Ms. Huma Waheed
Mr. M. Faisal Siddiqui
Mr. Muhammad Sohail Fakhar
Mr. Muhammad Junaid Moti
Mr. Shabbir Gulamali
Syed Kazim Hasan
Mr. Tahir Masud
Mr. Zain Ibrahim
Mr. Muhammad Rahat Sadiq, Ex-officio member

Insurance is a risk transfer mechanism. It’s a method of shifting the responsibility for losses to specialists (insurance companies) who handle the risk by spreading it over a large number of people or firmsA system of protection against loss in which...


Mr. Mahmood Lotia is an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute of UK (ACII). He started his insurance career in April 1974 then trained at the M&G Reinsurance Company, UK. From April 1977 he worked with Adamjee Insurance Company Ltd and then with Commercial Union Assurance Pakistan Branch.

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